About Us


As Malaysia’s best organic coffee specialty roaster and supplier, we have always had one simple mission: Home Of Artfully Crafted Coffee Beans.

OCAM Sdn. Bhd. was started in 2016 based from Matt’s and Dean’s passion in coffee. These two are the engine in the company, driven by their passion and enthusiasm, along with their experiences in business management. OCAM is mission-ed to provide a premium quality and affordable coffee beans to either cafe owners or individuals.

OCAM is a coffee roasting supplier that provides a high quality and affordable coffee beans to the market. Aside from that, OCAM caters the necessary tools in setting up a cafe or for your own restaurant. With being a pit stop for every equipment, customers can save a lot of time in getting machinery and drink supply from us, with a cheaper price. Coffee machine and barista tools are from OCAM’s subsidiary company, COFFEE MACHINE WAREHOUSE ASIA, that was founded specifically to provide coffee machines, grinders and barista tools. 

Coffee Machine Warehouse Asia is a subsidiary company of OCAM where they focus in producing affordable and reliable coffee machines, from low to high range of machines, to individuals and cafe owners. CMW Asia was built with the belief of fulfilling all of customers’ needs in the coffee industry. As one who has always fancies coffee machines with its technology, Matt decided that CMW will produce not only new coffee machines, but used as well. Provided it has been inspected by our technicians and guaranteed to be in a working condition, to cater an affordable product to our customers.
CMW doesn’t only sell coffee machines, but also barista tools and grinders. You will find everything that you need in setting up a cafe in CMW. Apart from that, CMW also offers maintenance service for our customers that need their machines to be checked up, with our own in-house technicians.

OCAM’s vision is to be an e-commerce and marketing platform that provides every necessity for owners and individuals, by going digital along with the rest of other industries.